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Jolly Jumper from Talhof -
The little one is big!

With the dark wind-coloured classic pony stallion Jolly Jumper by Talhof, who became overall champion stallion of all breeds at the South German pony licensing in Alsfeld on October 20th, 2007, our stallion portfolio has been enriched by another top-class stallion.

The 106 cm tall classic pony stallion Jolly Jumper from Talhof presented himself at the licensing as a modern small pony in the format of a big horse. In addition to an expansive walk, he showed a clear drive from the hindquarters in the trot, a feather-light swinging back with a clear erection. He is the first small pony stallion who was able to achieve the sash of a South German overall winner. In view of the strong competition from 44 stallions from top-class breed groups such as German riding pony, Welsh pony and Fjord, this result is all the more important


Performance stallion (BaWü)

natural jump

Approved and approved for:


32 offspring

2 licensed sonsI8 premium daughters

dsp bl.png


If you look at the pedigree of Jolly Jumper vom Talhof, you will find the 3rd generation on the mothers side and on the fathers side the pure American stallion Jegg. Paired with the original Shetland mare Elke he produced the multiple national champion stallion Jonny, a stallion with extremely lively movements. His full sister St.Pr.St. and El.St. Elfe also achieved the Bundes-Sieger title. The two successful starting products were further bred in separate lines at the Talhof and reunited after about 20 years. On this path, two breeding steps came into play in a special way. On the mothers side the targeted type improvement via the Benny son Bernstein, on the fathers side the introduction of new bloodlines via the classic pony mare Orchidee imported from the USA. Jolly Jumper vom Talhof is not a product of chance, but the reward of consistent, forward-looking breeding planning.



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