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Accroche - Nomen est Omen! The founder of our breed

We have owned Accroche since 2003. It was already clear back then that Accroche was a very special horse. With his unique interior, his balanced temperament and his outstanding rideability, he not only conquered many riders' hearts in flight. Coupled with a healthy dose of ambition, Accroche simply gives everything for his trusted team partner. And so it is not surprising that over the course of his sporting career he was able to achieve numerous victories and placings in the difficult class, not least at PSG / Inter I level. At 18, Accroche was retired from the sport at the end of the 2021 season. His successes were crowned in autumn 2021 with the approval by the Rhineland-Palatinate-Saar Horse Breeding Association, which granted him breeding approval based on his sporting achievements. He was subsequently licensed by the Oldenburg and Holstein breeding associations. The first foals from a wide variety of matings already provide deep insights into Accroche's quality as a sire.

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WFFS  negative

PSSM1 negative

ECVM  negative


Physical examination 2021 (X-ray) without any complaints, grade 1

Approved and approved for:

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Accroche comes fromAljano (Alaska xLatino), one of the most typical stallions in the Holsteiner Association's lot at the time.

Aljano, double sire and finalist at the Federal Championships, was once represented in numerous Grand Prix competitions under Karin Winter-Polac and was able to convince many times there.

With Accroche's father and his mother's fatherLinaro (Landgrave I xCalypso II) are two of the most versatile Holstein sires in the first and second generations, who virtually guarantee rideability, basic gait quality and willingness to perform at the highest level in addition to the jumping abilities that are obligatory in Holstein.

Aljano produced several convincing licensed sons in 2004.

Accroche's paternal grandmother,Tropica (Tribe 8768), brought with himSilvano a 6-time Olympian and team silver medalist at the World and European Championships. The international show jumping stallions also came from line 8768Candur B andLafontaine out.

Besides, hasAccroche In the 3rd generation, the stallion of the century and the most influential sire in modern warmblood breedingCor de la Bryère in his pedigree. WithLadykiller, one of the most important thoroughbreds in German horse breedingAccroche thus the top 3 Holstein refiners in its roots.


Mare line 18 B1

Accroche comes from the highly successful Holstein mare line 18B1. This can be traced back to 1810! The first breeding highlight of this line in modern times was the mareDorette, born 1945, frommonarch. Her two licensed sonsfern (Line founders in the NL e.g. aboutNeverdor) andnovel (Sire champion measured by the winnings of his offspring and dam's sire, e.g. fromCantus andCarolus). Dorette's daughterPreppy supplied withRamiro the stallionRonald, who, among other things, is the mother father of v.Alcatraz,Cortez and World Cup winnerLibero H occurs.Preppy is also the great-great-grandmother ofAccroche in 7th generation. In addition to many highly successful show jumpers, this Holstein mare line 18 B1 also produced several licensed and successful dressage stallions. These have recently been next toAccroche the successful GP in the USABellino fromBelissimo M from oneThunder echo -Caletto II-Sable Skinflint xx -Halibut mother =Preppy.



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